Born in Japan in 1972, he grew up under the influence of his grandfather who was artist.
He performs sound creation, music composition and tries in several musical genres, mainly the anime songs, movies, advertising jingles, television programs, pop stars, education for children, contemporary dance, Ballroom dance, professional training videos for more than 20 years. He moved to Paris in France in October 2016.


· What do you think of the sound creation process?
I do everything to satisfy my clients needs.
I have enough professional skills and experiences to perform high-level sound creation in any music genre.
First of all, I am attentive to the requirements of my clients to satisfy their needs. I hope my sound works will remain touched in their heart.

· How to create sound?

It depends on the project. I begin by writing partitions, by editing audio, by importing sound materials to the computer or by playing the guitar or with an audio recorder.

I can accommodate all kinds of requests in any musical genre, such as orchestration, Big Band, piano arrangement, jazz, ethnic music, soundtracks, remix, collage, sound effects, sound logo .

My favorite musical instrument is the electric guitar.


The essence of music
(Allowing to sympathize with the people without linguistic border)
My own skills

Realization beyond musical genre and time